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~Rabbi Isaac Levy~

Rabbi Isaac Levy is the founder, president, and teacher of Beit Or in Forney, TX. He was born and reared in Israel. He has envisioned and brought together Beit Or to teach the knowledge of Torah and Yeshua to others.


He has honorably served in the IDF in Israel, but has taught the bible all his life. The Lord has blessed him with exceptional knowledge, wisdom, and revelation of the Bible that is uncommon in our days. The Lord has preserved him through extraordinary and unusual circumstances from his parents being in a Nazi concentration camp, through the poverty of Israel, dangers  and  persecution from both Jews and Gentiles for his beliefs in Yeshua and teachings.


Despite the odds, Rabbi Isaac Levy has dedicated his entire life to his walk with God and the ministry of teaching that God has inspired him with. Rabbi Isaac Levy brings to Beit Or his knowledge and understanding of scripture that goes back 4,000 years that has been passed to him by his forefathers. He also brings his desire and willingness to serve. He has a vision of raising up a community of believers filled with great leaders, not followers for the kingdom of God.

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