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Beit Or - The House of Light


Beit Or was founded by Rabbi Isaac Levy who currently leads and teaches. In Hebrew, Beit Or means “house of light” which conveys our desire to shine the light of Yeshua through the daily living of Torah. Rabbi Isaac Levy has envisioned and brought together Beit Or to teach the knowledge of Yeshua to others using the Holy Scriptures. Our services feel more like a bible study, but are conducted as a synagogue service. After services you can ask questions, in fact questions are encouraged.


Beit Or is the place for people who are looking for something more than a song and a service. Beit Or is a place for people who want to be a part of a family and to make Torah a way of life.


As a congregation, Beit Or studies the Hebrew language, culture, and idioms to better ascertain what the truth. We also use many scriptures as witnesses to each other to validate any conclusions or beliefs that we deem to be true. The knowledge we seek is how to have a holy relationship with our Father who is in Heaven.


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