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~Mission Statement~

Our mission in Beit Or is to show people how to have a relationship with the God of Israel who made covenant with Avraham, Yitzhak, and Ya’acov. But that mission is two-fold in the sense that we attempt to reach out to both Jew and Gentile and by our example show others how to have a holy relationship with God through His Son Yeshua (Jesus) and through obedience


We aim to open the eyes of our Gentile brothers to the Jewishness of Yeshua the Messiah - his birth, his life, and his resurrection. For our Jewish brothers our aim is to open their eyes so that they may accept their Jewish Messiah. For he was the law giver to Moshe (Moses) at Mt. sinai. He was the Word that became flesh 2000 years ago and dwelt among us. He us the Word from our God and he is the Savior whom we expect to return to us.


To perform this ministry, we have to go with the understanding that God is spirit with nothing tangible for us to touch or see; therefore we teach the practical or physical application of the bible commandments to increase our understanding and knowledge of the spiritual things pertaining to God.


It is in the physical performance of God's commandments that we translate to the spiritual understanding of God, Yeshua, and the Ruach Ha'kodesh (Holy Spirit). In carrying out this ministry, we hope to raise a body of believers that will be filled with leaders who will be a light and reflection of the God who created the Heavens and earth.



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