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~Books by Rabbi Isaac Levy~

Queen Esther
Queen Esther - A commentary


The book of Esther is a love story. It is about Esther’s love for her people to the point of death, much like the story of love of Yeshua offering His life to save His people.

The book is a story of selflessness. A queen that is set in comfort and greatness, yet chooses to give it all up in order to evert the holocaust of her people Israel.

The book of Esther is the only book in the Bible that never mentions God by name or title, yet God is found on every page of the Book. Whether by what is considered coincidence or luck, every detail of this drama portrays God’s power and wisdom in a very subtle, yet divine way as if to say, “While I as God am outside of Earth’s dimension, yet, it is still my workshop and I am still in the process of creation.”

Just as the Bible opens with total darkness, the story of Esther similarly tells a story of darkness, doom and gloom with no hope, yet just as the Genesis darkness was broken by the first light spoken by Yeshua, similarly Esther appears to be that light and hope for the salvation of Israel turned on by Mordechai, her cousin.

The Story of Esther is one of inspiration, motivation, and hope for all who believe and trust God.

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