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Trust Our Shepherd ~ (1/12/2024)

Shalom all,

A new civil year started with wars violence, turmoil and suffering to Gods people around the world yet people will say ITS ALL GOOD. The universal language of technology speaks to every nation on earth, and yet only a handful of masterminds who believe a lie and the people believe it, the reason for that is that people like sheep follow the false prophets teachers, and mentors instead of learning the word of God, THUS SAYS THE LORD. If we could just trust our Shepherd we will walk in safety and TRUTH.

I am not sure I understand why God allowed my stroke, it was the face of death, but He restored my mind to which I am so grateful to comprehend, to realize the power of the mind to originate created thought in our mind, Some of our thoughts are beneficial while the other is created for death and destruction, wow the MIND is the place of the Holy of Holies.

Shabbat is Gods only day that reminds us of His completion, of His creation, but also of His return, and fulfills like the table cloth that was taken out in a blink of the eye so it shall be ALL returned back to its beginning back to God and His Kingdom forever and ever.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Itzhak Levy



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