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Time is irrelevant to God ~ (02/09/2024)

Shalom All

Time is like driving around the earth, it is endless driving with no where to go. Time will always be for mortal people, time does not exist for the Spirit world, but for us time is a factor, sun rise and sunset, life and death, day and night, but for the Kingdom of our God non of these is relevant, as the song says when we have been 10,000 years it will be but one day.

How much will you give to prolong your life to be 150 years old?How much would you give to cure loved one with cancer, stroke, being born with birth disability? You would give it all. Our God tells us I want to give it to you and more for free, just walk with me as a Son walks with His Father.

Shabbat we can do just that, we can walk with our God starting in resting with Him, coming into His presence on time with thanks giving and praise.

Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Itzhak Levy



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