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Sabbath Queen ~ (2/23/24)

Shalom To All.

The world is in turmoil but for us who fear the Lord we are protected under His wings.

The sun over the treetops is no longer seen,

Come, let us go forth to greet the Sabbath Queen,

Behold her arrival, the holy, the blessed,

And with her angels of peace and of rest

Come near, come near, and here abide.

Come near, come near, O, Sabbath Bride!

Peace to you, O angels of peace.

We've welcomed the Sabbath with songs and with praise;

We go slowly homeward, our hearts full of grace.

The table is set and the candles give light,

At home every corner is shining and bright.

Sabbath is peace and rest.

Sabbath is peaceful and blest.

Come in peace, you angels of peace!

Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Itzhak Levy.

(Credit: The Shabbat Queen - Hayyim Nahman Bialik 1903)



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