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Freedom today - Oct 20, 2023

Shalom All.

Healing at its best is temporary, but walking in God’s command is Eternal.

The world is at war, Man has from the beginning been at war with God. Man thinks his way is better than Gods way, but we know from History that mens ways are destructive all the time and Gods ways are a blessing to the individual and for the community.

For over 65 years I have been teaching that just as the Berlin Wall came down in one day when no one was ready, the same is going to be with the last war. Life began in the east and life is going to end in the east until the Messiah returns and establishes His kingdom.

1,500 dead, that spells YAH the name of God, 3,000 wounded that speaks of the age of the Kohanim at the temple, 5,000 rocket, חמס– חמש - it spells Hamas.

Let us take the opportunity we were given to appreciate each other, the freedom we still possess in the synagogue Adonai has given to us to meet and worship. Yes in this life many will seek but few will find because they do not wish to grow roots, instead like the Nomads they like to bounce from one synagogue to another from one church to another never growing roots never producing fruit for the King, just growing to be a non fruit bearing tree that only produces a little shade.

Let us cease the time given to us to produce the perfect fruit for our King.


Shabbat Shalom Rabbi Itzhak Levy



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