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Follow His commands

Shalom Mishpahat Beit Or.

China is choking Taiwan with hundreds of ships trying to overtake by force the same as Putin taking over Ukraine, they are battling over the world not fearing Nato or the USA as long as Biden runs America to the ground, this is the prophetic, talks about rumors of War, War will follow after the rumor's.

Shabbat is not only a day of rehearsal for the upcoming of the millennium but also the last page of humanity before the righteous go to the kingdom of God while the rest will perish for eternity with the Angels who left heaven and all of creation that the Son of God has created so that God can be all He can be.

For this reason, we should rejoice and bless Adonai for the gift He has bestowed upon all who follow His Commands. 

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Itzhak Levy

PS. Remember Shalom Yerushalayim, they are Gods pupil of His eye.



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